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From Small Things, Big Things One Day Come

Shawn  Josh were innovating at an early age. Their father Gary, introduced them to music and before middle school, they had each learned how to play multiple instruments and were writing their own music. Gary also introduced his two sons to the warm, hand crafted Bavarian Style Pretzels from The Bavarian Pretzel Hut during family trips to upstate New York and their love of this warm, chewy, rich Bavarian style pretzel was born. 

In the early 90's Shawn and Josh formed a band and started touring New England and beyond opening for top acts like G Love and Special Sauce, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Buffalo Tom, The Neighborhoods, Evan Dando and The Alarm. In 2014, Josh and Shawn were also managing Hooray for Earth, who went on to sign a deal with Sub-Pop records.  

Beer Guys with a Pretzel Problem 

As the dreams of rock n' roll stardom gave way to the reality of starting their own families, Josh headed for Philadelphia and Shawn to Munich, Germany to begin the next phase of their lives. While there, they discovered two important things:

1) The pretzels are incredible in Philly and Germany, but cannot be found anywhere else. 

2) They could solve this problem. 

Soon after this moment of clarity, they started perfecting their recipe in Shawn's kitchen, and Wicked Twisted Pretzels was born. Today, Wicked Twisted Pretzels are available in the fresh bakery and grocery section of Whole Foods Markets, many of New England's craft breweries, and in bars and restaurants throughout New England.

How Twisted Are They?

The secret family recipe is critical to the taste and texture of every scrumptious Wicked Twisted Pretzel. The Briggs brothers use all natural ingredients like fresh malt and roasted barley to give their pretzels a delicious "melt in your mouth" finish.  They never add fat or corn syrup. And don't forget to ask about their line of Wicked Twisted Mustards - Smokey Maple, Wicked Hot Jalapeno and Wicked Tangy Mustard.




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