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We searched the globe for an authentic Bavarian pretzel recipe.

Wicked Twisted Pretzels are Awesome!
The Briggs Brothers, Shawn and Josh developed their passion for pretzels at an early age.  Their father (pretzel connoisseur Gary Briggs) would bring them on a weekly pilgrimage to the local "dollar" movie theater. During this adventure they would stop at the "Bavarian Pretzel Hut" where they would sample amazing soft pretzels. They always loved those pretzels but were never able to find them again. As the years passed they decided to bring the taste of those pretzels to all of their friends!
Using the best Organic imported yeast and highest-quality dough with no additives, perservatives, or added fat, they have crafted an amazing recipe.
Wicked Twisted Pretzels are the best pretzels you'll find anywhere!





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